Pieter Egbers

Since he was 6 years old, Pieter played tennis his whole life. This changed when he found out about padel in 2013 and never played tennis again. He is a keen padel player and plays at least once a week. When playing he discovered that there is a huge shortage of padel courts. There are simply too little padel courts for the amount of players that wish to play, whilst padel will continue to grow fast. This is exactly where we want to play a role as “Padel Investements”. Together with Huib, we want to enable that everybody can enjoy this great sport. We therefore created a simple solution that enables our clients to have a brand new padel court without having to finance it themselves.

Huib van Everdingen

Huib started playing tennis and squash at a young age. As a civil engineer with over 10 years of experience in project development in the oil & gas and maritime industry, he has spent several years overseas, but always managed to play squash on a frequent basis. Having played padel once or twice on Holiday in Spain, it wasn’t until his move to Dubai in 2017 when he became an active player and started to realize rising popularity of the game. Developing padel courts allows Huib to combine his technical background with his passion for the game.

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